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Tummy time!

Hiroto is 3 month old now.  I have been informed that tummy time is very important so we have been working on it.  Hiroto is getting stronger every day.


Yukine was a fairy this year.  Sorry I don't have better pictures!

Pumkin Carving

This was the first time for both Tetsushi and Yukine to carve pumkins!

Off to youchien!

Erin and George visit

My friends Erin and George came to visit us!  We went to Coronado beach.  It was so beautiful, my favorite beach I have been to so far!  Yukine had a blast running in circles.  We really enjoyed your visit...thanks for coming!!

Pumkin Patch

We picked out pumkins at the pumkin patch this year!  Even though Yukine isn't smiling in the picture, she really did have fun.


Yukine has been practicing riding her tricycle.  She is getting better all of the time!

Birthday at Youchien

Yukine got to celebrate her birthday at Youchien too!  Her and her classmate, Atsuhiro-kun, had October birthdays.  I baked a cake for them and spent the morning there.  It was really fun to see all of the kids interact with each other.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yukine turned 3!

Yukine turned 3!  This was the first birthday that it really felt she understood it was her birthday. Yukine requested the birthday hat first thing in the morning.  We opened presents and made a cake. She loved blowing out candles so much, every time we ate leftover cake she had me sing to her and light the candles and, of course, she wore her birthday hat!