Monday, July 6, 2015

no training wheels!


That is Hiroto's new kick bike.  He has been letting Yukine practice on it so she can learn balance.  One of their favorite things to do is race up and down the driveway.  They have both been getting lots of exercise! 

Minato Gakuen undokai

Yukine started kindergarten at Minato Gakuen, Japanese Saturday school, in April.  The day after graduation from Apple Youchien, Yukine had the undokai or sports festival at Minato.  This school goes all the way up to highschool, so this was a pretty big event.  Yukine's grade got to participate in only 2 events.  At the start of the day when the entire school was lined up on the field, Yukine had to hold the orange flag.  She marked the center point on the field while everyone spread out for the stretching. 

Yukine's graduation from Apple Youchien

yukine sotsuenshiki apple 1 from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

yukine sotsuenshiki 2 from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

Yukine's graduation 3 from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

After three years, Yukine has graduated from Apple Youchien.  It is hard to believe how much she has grown up and how fast! We are so proud of you Yukine!


As a keepsake for the teachers, we were asked to make 2 pages for the scrapbook at Yukine's school upon their graduation.  Here is how Yukine's turned out.