Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yukine's Christmas recital

Yukine's Christmas recital 2014 from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

Yukine had her Christmas recital. She did a great job. We are very proud of you Yukine!

Hiroto's Christmas recital

Hiroto finished his first session of preschool! On the last day, parents came in after lunch and we did a craft together, then we went to watch the kids preform for us. Hiroto was not really into participating in the show at the beginning...he just sat against the wall and watched everyone. By the last song, he stood up with his classmates, no singing or dancing, but he did stand up there. That was quite a change from the start of the show. Good job Hiroto!  


rain from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

We got some much needed rain last week. The kids had so much fun playing in the rain, I hope we get a lot more this winter!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

breakfast with daddy


I love the way both of the kids look in overalls, but unfortunately, they only wear them when they are playing dress up. Yukine would never leave the house in 'boy' clothes, but she looks adorable! Hiroto is making his silly face in the top picture...he makes that face often. They had a lot of fun wearing overalls together, but it didn't last too long.

Friday, December 19, 2014

thanksgiving 2014

Yukine and I started off the morning with apple cider and sparkling wine.  I cooked and Karl and Mariah came over.  It was a nice and mellow holiday filled with good food and laughs. Thanks for coming over Karl and Mariah.  We all enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving together. 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Playground with Hiroto

Yukine is taking a reading and writing Japanese class this year.  The location of the class is pretty far from home and Hiro-kun and I end up having an hour to spend once a week waiting for Yukine to finish school.  We recently discovered this great playground down the hill from her school.  It is a pretty steep downhill, which is why I hadn't checked it out sooner...coming back to pick up Yukine is hard work, but it's worth it.  We have been having lots of fun while Yukine is working hard at school...she gets jealous!  As you can see, Hiroto is very good at climbing.  This comes as no surprise, seeing as he was climbing up stools before he could even walk!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mama's Birthday!

We prepared our traditional birthday meal, croquette and roll cake.  It was delicious, as you can see, we all ate a lot! It was another great birthday, thanks guys!

Aunt Shelley

Aunt Shelley came to town for a weekend visit.  We had lots of fun. Yukine learned how to blow up a balloon all by herself for the first time!  Thanks for coming to see us!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

happy halloween!

Halloween from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

This year Yukine was a bee and Hiroto was a dinosaur.  They had a great time playing in their costumes all week.  Hiroto took a late nap on Halloween day.  We eventually woke him up to go trick or treating but he was so grumpy... somehow we got him to wear his costume and he finally got excited about going out.  The video is from Halloween day, they were all dressed up and really got into character.  It was a great Halloween this year, Tetsushi even made it home in time to go out trick or treating with us.  Happy Halloween!

pumpkin carving!