Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hiroto turns 3!

Hiroto's rocket from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

Birthday cake from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

Happy birthday to you from Kristina Detwiller on Vimeo.

It is hard to believe but Hiroto is already 3! We started the day with presents, he got a lot of good ones this year. Thank you to all of the grandparents for sending gifts! We checked out the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. It was interesting. We saw an IMAX movie there because it came with admission. I thought the kids would like it but it was their least favorite part. Seems like we have the most fun at home! We made our usual birthday dinner complete with the birthday cake. This year both Hiroto and Yukine helped making the croquette. Tetsushi made the croquettes, Hiroto did the flour, me the egg, and Yukine panko.  We all stayed focused and worked hard until we were all done. I was impressed how efficiently we worked together. It was an awesome birthday celebration and delicious dinner.  Happy Birthday Hiroto!

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